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Meet the Bronc- Bustin’ Ladies of Ride TV’s Show Cowgirls


Meet the Bronc- Bustin’ Ladies of Ride TV’s Show Cowgirls Ride TV brings back the cast for a second season of Cowgirls.

RIDE TV has renewed its highly acclaimed Cowgirls series for a second season.  Viewers can watch more heart-stopping bronc rides in a race for $10,000 in cash and prizes.  Traditionally a man’s sport, ranch bronc riding has recently gained traction with cowgirls across the country.  For the ladies of RIDE TV’s hit show Cowgirls, ranch bronc riding isn’t just an event they enjoy competing in, it’s a way of life.  The ladies who star in Cowgirls all come from a horse background and are multi-talented, competing in other events such as barrel racing, roping, and bull riding.  All six of the ladies who starred in season one—Brittany Miller, Duke Wimberly, Jane Revercomb, Rainey Gibbs, Sarah Brown, and Billi Halverson—have returned for the second season.  COWGIRL spoke to the cast and learned more about these fierce women who have set out to defy the norm.  We learned their stories, biggest goals, and why bucking horses play such an important part in their lives.  From Duke Wimberly’s fascinating background as a barrel-racing, bull-riding rodeo queen to Brittany Miller’s eat/sleep/breathe bucking-horse mentality, you’ll get to know all of the Cowgirls stars better than before.  Cowgirls premieres weekly on RIDE TV and on-demand on RIDE TV GO,  RIDE TV’s online-streaming service. Cowgirl Magazine is proud to be the title sponsor of Cowgirls!

brittany miller ride tv cowgirls

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller, a real-deal cowgirl who hails from Montana, won the first-ever year-end championship for ladies’ ranch bronc riding in 2017 at the TBRA Finals and has her sights set on winning again this year.  Says Miller, “My big goal for this season is to be the 2X (two-time) Cowgirls Champion.  I have a few small goals I want to achieve this year, too.  I want to improve my footwork as well as handling my rein better.  A personal goal of mine is to consistently have a positive mentality when I’m competing.”

billi halverson ride tv cowgirls

Billi Halverson

Billi Halverson

Billi Halverson had a rough first season on Cowgirls, being sidelined due to injuries she suffered.  Not one to be discouraged, she’s back and looking forward to a fresh start. “I’m excited to be competing with all of the other girls this season!  It will be a completely different experience for me.”  As for what she wants to work on?  “I’d really like to clean up my form.  I want to really get those hips forward and lift on that rein and use my feet rather than just trying to be scrappy and hanging on in anyway possible!”

jane rivercomb ride tv cowgirls

Jane Rivercomb

Jane Revercomb

Jane Revercomb hadn’t been riding broncs for long when she started filming for RIDE TV’s Cowgirls, but she quickly proved she has what it takes to be successful in the sport.  Revercomb is looking forward to her second season on Cowgirls, “I’m so excited for this season to be able to have the opportunity to get on some nice broncs amongst some fierce competition.  One of my biggest goals is to rise above my own self from last year.  To keep pushing myself even further by getting on broncs that are going to push my limits to help me grow to the next level.”

rainey gibbs ride tv cowgirls

Rainey Gibbs

Rainey Gibbs

Rainey Gibbs was always fascinated by roughstock rodeo events as a kid, particularly bronc riding.  Fast-forward to the future, and Rainey has become quite the accomplished bronc rider herself.  When asked what it means to be a female in a male-dominated sport, Rainey says, “Being a ranch bronc rider is just that, no matter if you’re male or female.  It’s so much more to me than gender. It’s all about the camaraderie and experiences.  Sure, I absolutely adore being the girl behind the chutes that all the little girls and boys at the rodeos want to ask questions, but I also love being the girl that changes the minds of the men and women around me.”

sarah brown ride tv cowgirls

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Stephenville, Texas, is the place that cowgirl Sarah Brown calls home.  Training horses is Brown’s week job, and it was her love for riding green horses that eventually sparked her interest in ranch bronc riding.  “I got started in ranch bronc from riding some wilder horses at home, and one day just decided to go ahead and have some fun with it and hopefully bring home a check.”  Going into season two, Brown is very confident of her ability to succeed.  “I’ve improved a tremendous amount since last year.  I feel very confident about my rides because I prepare and work hard every day to be better.”

duke wimberly ride tv cowgirls

Duke Wimberly

Duke Wimberly

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a cowgirl that can do it all, that cowgirl is Duke Largo Wimberly.  The outgoing Texan currently ranches and rides broncs, but is known to get on a bull or two, and was a barrel racer and rodeo queen in the past.  Wimberly is looking forward to “bettering herself as a bronc rider,” and is also looking forward to traveling and having the chance to compete more in season two of Cowgirls.

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