Left photo courtesy of @lindythorncutting. Middle photo courtesy of @mattmillsreining. Right photo c…

The teams for the American Performance Horseman have been chosen!

In a mix of cutting, cow horse, and reining spectacularism, Teton Ridge will put on the American Performance Horseman during the American rodeo. It will air Friday, March 10th. The top five riders from the National Cutting Horse Association, the National Reining Horse Association, and the National Reined Cow Horse Association will be competing in their event for a million-dollar prize.

Aside from competing individually for the title, the riders will also be paired in teams. Each team will have one cow horse rider, one cutting rider, and one reining rider. They are each designated by a color and were chosen by a draw at random.

Burnt Orange Team

  • Cutting – Austin Shepherd
  • Reining – Matt Mills
  • Reined Cow Horse – Lee Deacon

Racing Green Team

  • Cutting – Lindy Thorn
  • Reining – Casey Deary
  • Reined Cow Horse – Chris Dawson

Royal Blue Team

  • Cutting – Adan Banuelos
  • Reining – Fernando Salgado
  • Reined Cow Horse – Sarah Dawson

Imperial Purple Team

  • Cutting – Wesley Galyean
  • Reining – Andrea Fappani
  • Reined Cow Horse – Corey Cushing

Regal Red Team

  • Cutting – Lloyd Cox
  • Reinng – Shawn Flarida
  • Reined Cow Horse – Justin Wright

The American Performance Horseman will start at 6:45 PM Central Time. Cutting will be first, followed by reining, and closed out with down the fence by the reined cow horse riders.

Which team do you place your bets on?