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If you haven’t heard, RIDE TV Cowgirls has officially returned for Season 3. Didn’t catch Seasons 1 and 2? You might not be familiar with the bronc bustin’ females of the show. No worries; here’s what you need to know about the women of RIDE TV Cowgirls:

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown.

20-year-old Sarah Brown (married name Sarah Armstrong) from Weatherford, Texas has been riding broncs for three years now. She has experience with horse training and roping in addition to bronc riding, and says she loves to be out there competing with the guys.

It was Sarah Brown that took home the Cowgirls Season 2 prize with a score of 520 points at the close of the season.

Outside of the rodeo world, Sarah is the wife of bronc rider Clay Armstrong. The pair married in early 2020.

Not long after, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Casey Sage.

Wife, mother, and bronc rider? That’s one heck of a combination!

Rainey Gibbs

Rainey Gibbs.

“If it’s easy, I don’t want to do it.” – Rainey Gibbs

Rainey Gibbs hails from Salem, Kentucky, but has recently been living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s been riding broncs for three years. She’s done almost every western sport under the sun, including roping and ranch sorting, and even has some experience in English riding.

So far this season, it’s been revealed that Rainey has a boyfriend! We’re anxiously waiting to see if he’ll propose. In the meantime, he and Rainey welcomed a son, Griffin, in June 2020. Griffin was born three months early, but is hanging in there like the tough cowboy he’ll surely grow up to be!

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller.

Bronc riding piqued Brittany Miller’s interest when helping her friends behind the chutes in her youth. After her first rodeo as a bronc rider in her hometown of Dillon, Montana, she was hooked.  Brittany has been riding for six years now.

She loves her horses, cow dogs, adventuring, and, obviously, going eight seconds on some rank broncs.

Jane Revercomb

Jane Revercomb.

Jane Revercomb has been riding broncs for two years, but has experience in several other equestrian sports, including  barrel racing and pole bending. An “East Coast cowgirl,” Jane grew up in Roanoke, Virginia before hitting the rodeo road.

Fun fact about Miss Revercomb? She’s also known as trick rider Nevada Jane!

Duke Wimberly

Duke Wimberly.

“Quitting’s not in my dictionary. Why even live if you can’t do what you love doing?” – Duke Wimberly

Duke Largo Wimberly is straight out of Cool, Texas, and has been riding broncs for six years. Like Sarah and Rainey, she’s also a mother! Duke is a momma to Little Joe, who’s basically her spitting image.

Though Duke is out with a collarbone injury for Season 3, don’t think you’ve seen the last of her. She’s training three wild cards—one of whom will be chosen to compete with the other women for the rest of the season—and is helping her fellow cowgirls behind the chutes.

Melissa Slayton

Melissa Slayton and the cast of Cowgirls Season 3. Diamond B Arena & Rodeo Co. on Facebook.

RIDE TV has brought in a new stock contractor for Cowgirls Season 3: Melissa Slayton of Diamond B Rodeo Company of Tolar, Texas. She’s brought in a set of horses that none of these cowgirls has been on before; we’re in for an exciting season.

Now that you’ve met the women of RIDE TV Cowgirls, be sure to watch Season 3! You can catch Cowgirls every Wednesday at 9:00 PM/8:00 PM CST on RIDE TV.