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A new season of Yellowstone means a fresh set of faces will join the cast of the hit series. One of these fresh faces comes from young Australian actor Finn Little, who is joining the cast for Season 4. Not a whole lot is known about his character yet, though! We are interested to see how his story plays out in November.

We do know his name is Carter, and it is rumored that he is being brought to the ranch by Beth Dutton. Carter supposedly has a back story similar to that of Rip Wheeler, who was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the Dutton family. If Carter is anything like Rip, he will do just fine working on the ranch and protecting his adopted family!

In the Finn Little introduction video, we get our first look at Carter as he stands inside a pen on the Dutton Ranch. He briefly converses with ranch hand Walker and says life has “robbed him of options” after Walker asks him if he wants to be a cowboy.

November can’t come soon enough! Just a few more weeks!