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New Jersey native Megan Knight brings her signature soul and passion into her new single “Hard Way To Go”, which releases tomorrow! The single radiates with confidence and vulnerabilities that outline a perfect balance between modern and classic sounds, and pull inspiration from many different genres. With the power behind Megan’s voice it makes it that much easier for her to show that she means business. We were lucky to catch up with Megan for an exclusive interview, and can’t wait for y’all to hear her new single!

She was initially inspired after listening to “Ohio” by Neil Young. “The tuning of that song had ideas flowing right off the bat,” she recalls. “Lyrically, the song tells of my life on the road and sacrifices I’ve made since a child to pursue my dreams in this industry. It’s definitely not an easy business to get into but no matter what it’s taken, I’ve always felt I’d do anything to be able to follow my dreams.”

“Hard Way To Go” is Megan’s first time really getting personal about experiences she’s had traveling and on figuring out how the music industry works. As an independent artist, her father has helped her figure out everything from ground zero. “We’ve handled all my own managing, sound, booking… it’s only just now ten years into my career that we’re finally taking a bit of a step back as we’re building a team around me,” she explains. “It takes constant persistence but no matter how hard it’s been, there was never a day I could say I was ready to throw the towel in. I wanted to tell from my perspective what it’s like to really go after dreams.”

Megan hopes to inspire others to go after their dreams with her new single, and says, “I hope what people take away from listening to “Hard Way To Go” is motivation to be persistent in the pursuit of their dreams. Even though chasing them isn’t always easy I can promise it’s about twenty times more satisfying than settling on something you don’t really want to do.”

“Hard Way To Go” almost didn’t make her record at all, and then of all things it became the first single. “The song sounds so different from stuff we’ve heard on the radio recently so we were thinking; how will this be perceived? After conversing, we really resonated on the idea that it being different could be the exact thing to pull people in. I know as a listener, I’m always looking for a new sound so I hope people dig it.” 

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