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Melanie Meriney is here to remind us that you never forget your summer love! A love that you know isn’t going to last, but one day you’ll look back fondly at the memories. Plus, it makes one heck of a story! Melanie and fellow songwriters Krista Angelucci and Chelsea Summers took that idea and ran with it on the new single “Damn Good Story.” Roll down your windows and crank it up this summer!

Of her new tune, Melanie says, “As a songwriter, I’ve always been someone who is drawn to storytelling. We were reminiscing on past relationships and were laughing about a few that definitely weren’t going to last, but gave us some good memories. I had the title in my phone notes for a while and thought it would be an interesting way to phrase a summer fling. I think we kind of went from there.”

Melanie has no plans of slowing down! “After 2020 gave me a chance to really focus on creativity in the studio, “Damn Good Story” is just the second release from my brand new project, ChaMELeon, that will showcase a variety of different influences! I’m hoping to release a new track each month rolling into the Fall,” she says. We can’t wait to hear her future releases, and have a feeling they’ll be just as good as “Damn Good Story”!

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