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Tribe + True was founded in 2015 by Kelly K. McCullough. Equally expressed in traditional and modern design, the company specializes in ethical handmade goods while partnering with & empowering artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlaxcala, Mexico, and Gallup, New Mexico.

“Tribe + True’s work has been published in Sunset Magazine, Stay Wild Magazine, Ski Magazine, LOCALE Orange County, and Sense of Home Germany.

Back in 2015 and in the beginning chapters of Tribe + True, the original focus was on turquoise jewelry.  Kelly’s passion for artisan handcrafts led her to New Mexico, where she collaborated with a team of local Navajo Silversmiths to create a line of bracelets, pendants, and rings.

“While participating in a California street fair to showcase the jewelry, it was quickly noticed that turquoise was not the only item in demand.  As part of the display, the jewelry pieces were placed on traditional Mexican textiles and weavings.  Shoppers took notice, and while they adored the jewelry, they were equally interested in the vibrant Mexican textiles that lie beneath.  That’s when the idea sparked and Kelly began to envision creating a unique line of handwoven textiles that would reflect her preferred earthy palette, with updated shapes and patterns. Soon she would locate and collaborate with a team of Mexican Textile Artists located in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

“After two years of working with and purchasing the artists’ weavings, she finally felt it was time to discuss the possibility of creating an exclusive line.  The weavers agreed to the collaboration and this is where the true magic began to take place.

“Fast-forward five years and there are currently six collections of exclusive designs available.  Each and every textile is created using a highly collaborative process, all starting with a hand-drawn sketch and finishing as a timeless piece or art.  A lot has changed throughout the years, but the love and appreciation for the artists & the art form remains, and continues to inspire the growth and evolution of Tribe + True.” -Tribe + True

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