Microblading courtesy of @saramaebeauty on Instagram……


Being on the go means you want as little of steps as possible when it comes to getting ready. So, having one thing less to do is one less thing between you and getting out the door!

”Microblading is a semi permanent form of tattooing the eyebrows. It’s performed using a small blade consisting of 18 VERY small needles to deposit pigment into the skin. It’s average longevity is 1-3 years depending on skin type, environmental, and lifestyle factors!

“Everything used is pre-packaged, hypoallergenic, and extremely sanitary.

“I personally follow the direction of hair to form the most seamless artistry on the brow. When healed, it will be undetectable! I study the client’s photos before they come in so I can see how they normally draw their brows in and how dark they like them. I ask questions such as how often you wear make up, expectations, and your ideal outcome.” -Sara Mae, licensed aesthetician and microblading artist

Check out the video below of Sara Mae microblading a set of brows! It takes you through the full process!

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