Midland came out with a new tequila that’s just as INSÓLITO as they are! The country music trio has always been known for being a little unconventional, and so is their tequila!

INSÓLITO has an extensive, detailed making process. According to their website, he tequila cures in “slightly charred new American Oak barrels” at 7,200 feet.

To promote the new collaboration, Midland shared a photo on Instagram featuring the three band members in looks to match their bottles. It seems their tequila will be available in a few different designs…and flavors.

Three different flavors were confirmed on INSÓLITO’s Instagram:

The three kinds of INSÓLITO tequila are Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. One for every mood!

The best part of tequila? Making fun drinks! From a classic margarita to even a sparkling rose marg, Midland’s three flavors are ready for it all.

For more information about Midland’s new brand, visit shopinsolitotequila.com.