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If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Tiger King, you might not be familiar with Joe Exotic or his song “I Saw A Tiger.” You also might be living under a rock.

Tiger King, a Netflix documentary series centering on former private zoo owner Joe Exotic, has been all over the Internet thanks to Exotic’s story and the eccentric characters in the national big cat community, including zoo owner Doc Antle and big cat activist Carole Baskin.

Among Joe Exotic’s many ventures (before being imprisoned for murder for hire) was his desire for musical fame; he crafted unique music videos about tigers which he shared on YouTube. Though it’s now been revealed that Joe Exotic didn’t write (or sing) these songs, that didn’t stop them from gaining popularity after Netflix’s release of Tiger King.

Several big names have done covers of Exotic’s hit “I Saw A Tiger,” including Jake Owen and American Aquarium’s BJ Barnham. Add to that list: Midland.

Midland shared their cover of “I Saw A Tiger” on both YouTube and Instagram.

Band members dressed as their own interpretations of Joe Exotic, including but not limited to ball caps, sunglasses, free-flowing hair, bandanas, plentiful facial hair, and loud animal prints.

Please note the social distancing vibes, as well as the tiger puppet in the bottom left.

“Netflix, thank you for giving us Joe Exotic and his bunch of misfits,” the band wrote on YouTube. “Here is a tribute to an all time classic from this bunch of misfits.”

While you’re waiting for more updates on Joe Exotic or just looking for ways to pass the time during quarantine, you can stream Netflix’s Tiger King here.