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Photo courtesy of @midland Instagram……
midland cowgirl magazine style fashion throwback
Midland. Photo courtesy of @midland Instagram.

Midland has certainly made a name for themselves, thanks to their great music and killer style! Speaking of their style, some people believe that their brightly embroidered threads are a new look, but it’s actually a throwback and nod to what many country music stars wore back in the day.

Don’t you wish you saw more country singers rocking the retro look? So authentic!

Midland’s summer fashion choices are a little different…a nod to the Beach Boys possibly?

Casual is cool. Casual is REALLY cool when you’re these guys! Do you think you could pull off these clothes?

Does “my baby loves me in my pearl snaps” apply here?

Style game on point!

Urban Cowboy will never go out of style, it just won’t!

Can’t get enough of Midland’s retro fashion? Meet the designer behind their custom blinged out jackets below!

Meet The Designer Behind Midland’s Custom Blinged Out Jackets