While I am a fashion blogger, I also live in the Middle-of-nowhere, Texas and believe it or not, there aren’t many fancy events to get dressed up for around here. People don’t care what brand I’m wearing or where I got my shoes and who could blame them? But no matter where I’ve relocated to, one fashion trend seems to translate across any city or state – a good t-shirt. If you keep up with my Cowgirl blogs, you’ve probably noticed my affinity for catchy (and sometimes snarky) southern graphic tees. I won’t bore you with what you can wear them with (basically anything), but one thing is for sure, Midnight Rider comes up with some of the most badass vintage style tees I’ve seen. They are funny, catchy and cute as a freakin kitten!

If you’re into vintage Waylon shirts, this is the place for you, but since you’ve probably seen plenty of those I’ve picked a few of my favorites out of the herd at Midnight Rider!


My Spirit Animal is a Tumbleweed Muscle Tee