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Western lifestyle enthusiast and rising singer-songwriter, Mikayla Lane, recently launched the Mikayla Lane Collection – an exclusive line of high-end western fashion, which features handbags custom made by Alamo Saddlery in Del Rio, TX.

Mikayla hosted a pop-up shop at The Showroom Nashville in January to showcase the Mikayla Lane Collection. Each of Mikayla’s bags are made of the finest leather and stitched to perfection. Every detail is patiently and meticulously handcrafted, creating a truly one-of-a-kind creation. For more information, visit mikaylalanecollection.com.

“My enthusiasm and passion for the western industry and lifestyle is what drives my music and style. Partnering with Alamo is extremely exciting not only for me but for the music industry. This partnership keeps authentic western wear and the authentic way of life alive in country music.

“I can’t wait to tell a story with this collaboration and tell it through my music,” Mikayla shared. Leigh Martin, Head of Marketing and Sales for Alamo Saddlery, shared her enthusiasm about the partnership saying, “Alamo Saddlery’s passion for western lifestyle and its authentic manufacturing capabilities, combined with Mikayla Lane’s true cowboy roots and love for the western fashion industry, together will bring high end, staple western accessories for all cowboys and cowgirls in and out of the arena!”