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If you’ve ever thought about what CBD could do for your horse, Mikko’s Choice has the answer.
The company was started by Emma, a horse owner who saw the potential for CBD and horses. After spending several years in the CBD/cannabis industry and many years as a cowgirl, Emma started Mikko’s choice, a horse CBD pellet company inspired by her own horse, Mikko. She wanted to create a natural, affordable product that would produce real results and be safe for horse consumption.
“If I won’t give it to him, I won’t sell it,” Emma says of her horse, Mikko, and her products.
CBD pellets can provide relief for anxious horses or horses that are chronically lame or temporarily injured. It’s known to help with both inflammation and swelling.
While CBD oil for horses is an option on the market, Mikko’s Choice’s pellets make for an easier delivery method. Oils need to be given under the tongue, but pellets can simply be swallowed.
Just to be clear: CBD pellets do not get your horse high, as they contain no THC, the chemical in cannabis that causes the “high” feeling. Plus, the pellets are always lab tested for heavy metals, mold, pesticides, solvents and THC/CBD contents just to be sure they’re safe for consumption.
Mikko’s Choice currently offers equine CBD pellets for just $85 on their website, and with the correct dosage, this can last about a month and a half! And, five dollars from every purchase goes to Skydog Sanctuary, a mustang and burro rescue, so you know you’re doing the Western world good.
For more information and to shop now, visit mikkoschoice.com.