Photo by: Abroad with Aaron……

Cowgirls like their animals! Your ranch may have horses, goats and chickens, but does it have a miniature cow? If not, you’re missing out. These animals are so stinkin’ cute. In particular, miniature highlands and highparks steal the show with their fuzzy, fluffy hair.

Don’t believe me? Check out these cute cows and judge for yourself!

A little heifer calf. She weighs under 30 pounds!

You can brush them just like your horse! This group loves attention.

Who wants to go for a ride? That’s right… a calf that fits in your car.

Miniature cattle come in all different colors and breeds. Pandarosa Miniature Ranch has Highlands, Highparks, Pandas, and Panlanders.

This beautiful girl is named Beatrice! How charming is she.

That’s it! I’m sold! Who else will be adding a miniature cow to their herd?