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Smaller isn’t always better. In the miniature horse world, some breeders have tried too hard to create a tiny horse. Dwarfism is a gene that can be found in minis. These horses are disproportional and have countless health concerns. Every breeder should test and avoid dwarfism genes.

Signs of Dwarfism

  • A shorter neck and legs
  • Bulging forehead
  • Limb deformities
  • Underbite
  • Bloated belly
  • Nostrils set far up face

Some only show minor signs, but they should still not be bred! Researchers have discovered four types of dwarfism. There is still a lot to be learned. The gene is recessive meaning both parents have to have a copy for it to be passed along.


These horses are known for having countless health concerns. From dental and eating difficulties to arthritis and breathing issues, their life is anything but easy. Most will experience a shorter life span filled with frequent vet appointments.

Dwarf horses can be very friendly and docile. With exceptional care, they can be kept happy. It’s best to not breed one or purchase one without doing excessive research. They may be cute and tiny, but they require an experienced owner.