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Country singer Miranda Lambert has a winery. Yes, a winery. It’s called Red 55. Sporting a logo that could only be associated with Miranda (there’s wings and pistols involved) the line offers 7 different wines to satisfy all tastes. Our personal favorite? The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sweet white wine.

Take a look below at all the different offerings and descriptions. If you’ve tried any of them comment below and tell us what you thought! Bonus: there’s a wine club! You can have 2-12 bottles delivered to your doorstep monthly and you get the lowest online prices. Sign us up pronto! Check out the entire offering and sign up for the club at

In 2009 Miranda released her single “White Liar” from the album Revolution. In an effort to celebrate, we decided to honor her with this ever popular Chardonnay – the world’s most popular white wine grape. It is dry, crisp and un-oaked, so not to overtake the true flavor of the grape. This wine has rich apple, citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

Named after Miranda’s prized first pickup, a candy apple red 1955 step-side, this beautiful cherry colored wine is smooth, medium bodied with a mellow berry aroma. Just like Miranda’s vintage ’55, this wine is sure to be a classic.

This alluring, radiant wine – with overtones of ripe pears, honey and golden raisins – is lusciously aromatic and perfect for those who prefer the sweeter things in life. It is so deliciously perfumed that it has been teased as dessert in a bottle! Just like a Crazy Ex, you’ll be seduced over and over by this charmer.

Our most robust spirit is full of fruity flavor and powerful color yet smooth in texture and delivery. With its ripe berry essence the aroma lingers as long as the explosive finish. This dry velvety Merlot is endowed with just the right balance of power and finesse that make it an excellent companion to steak and pastas with full bodied red sauce and dark chocolate.

This semi-sweet White Zinfandel is brilliantly pink with delicious berry taste and aroma. Just like Miranda’s famous electric pink guitar, it often produces a sudden sense of thrilling excitement!

This wine exhibits the attributes of Miranda Lambert. Simply put, it means the most beautiful. With her true southern raisin’, she epitomizes southern hospitality and beauty while being a bit on the wild side. This sweet red is a mouthful of ripe cherry and raspberry that will tingle the palate. The finish is so silky smooth, it leaves you wanting more.

Light yet pleasingly soft with hints of pear and ripe apple. This fruit forward wine comes across as slightly sweet with a finish that is crisp and clean. This versatile white can pair with most any dish or be enjoyed by itself in the shade of your favorite tree.