Feeding alfalfa is often misunderstood. There are a lot of myths circulating this nutritious forage. In fact, it’s much more nutrient-dense than most other grass hays. This makes it the perfect option for certain horses.

Alfalfa is usually very green and has a potent smell. It’s hard to find a horse who doesn’t enjoy eating it. Furthermore, it’s grown in most regions of the United States for livestock. It’s especially good for horses in hard work.

These misconceptions about alfalfa are worth clarifying!

MYTH: It can cause kidney problems.

The average, healthy horse can consume alfalfa with no problem. With adequate water, the horse is able to excrete the excess protein. Those with preexisting kidney issues shouldn’t consume a high-protein diet. They should avoid alfalfa. This forage won’t actually cause kidney disease though.

MYTH: Your horse will be hot/hyper on alfalfa.

There is little research to prove this. It does have more energy than grass hays, but if your horse is regularly exercised you will likely not notice. You may have to worry about excess weight gain though. This is especially true if your horse isn’t worked throughout the week.

Speak with your vet about feeding this forage. It shouldn’t be dismissed because of a few misconceptions. Do your research! It could be the perfect option for your performance horse, broodmare, or growing horse.

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