How much do you really know about horses? It seems that over time many equestrians have passed down false information. These misconceptions have been told so many times that it’s hard to believe they’re not true. Time to clear up things… get the facts!

1. Hot and cold-blooded horses have different body temperatures.

These traits don’t describe the internal temperature of your horse’s body, but rather the personality or temperament. Breeds like the Arabian or Thoroughbred are known for being energetic and lively, which gives them the hot-blooded term. On the other hand, a breed like the Clydesdale is known for being mellow or cold-blooded.

2. Horses need to be fed at the same time everyday.

While your horse does enjoy a routine and will come to expect their breakfast and dinner at roughly the same time everyday, there’s no real reason it has to be done down to the minute.

3. Your horse can’t see color.

That’s a myth! Horses may not see color the same way a person does, but they still do see it. They have two-color (dichromatic) vision. Horses see blue and yellow, but no intermediate colors.

4. New teeth grow in your horse’s mouth.

Actually, a horse is born with all of their teeth. Most of the tooth is under the gum line and descends as the horse wears it down.

5. Never let a colicking horse lay down.

The important thing is that the horse remains quiet. If they’re resting without thrashing, then most veterinarians agree it’s okay to leave them alone. Don’t let them roll violently though!

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