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On A “Mission” For The Perfect Engagement Photos!

You won't want to miss the night photography in this session.

May 31, 2018

This photo absolutely took my breath away. Everything is perfect from the white backdrop of the mission, the feeling you get from the openness of the surroundings, how Cheyenne’s dress brings your eyes right to the couple, and, of course, the reflection in the water.

“This is Mission Espiritu in Goliad. The surrounding grounds are a state park. We chose the location because we both love the Spanish style architecture and the little town of Goliad. Our wedding venue, Lost Mission in Spring Branch, has the same style, so we though it would all tie in nicely. – Cheyenne.

How precious is this?

I officially want to visit this location!

Night photography is something you don’t see very often…and I’m really not sure why! These are just gorgeous.

Oh the dancing photos…always a favorite!

Okay back to the night photography…MAGICAL.

I absolutely love the architecture of this place.

Can we all agree that Cheyenne picked the PERFECT dress for this setting? The bright color makes her and her fiancé the focal point next to all the neutral colors.

It also helps them not to be overtaken by such expansive surroundings!

Black and white photos always have such a romantic feel.

Once again, the color composition of these photos is genius and just adds to the already beautiful couple.

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Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!