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Everyone has to start somewhere! As a beginner, you’re bound to make a few mistakes when riding and working with horses. Luckily, some of them can be avoided. These tips will prepare you for your first lesson and set you on the right path!

Avoid These Beginner Mistakes

  1. Not putting safety first: Every beginner should ride with a helmet. You can avoid a serious head injury by doing so.
  2. Riding with your hands in the air: One of the first things beginners tend to do when the horse goes too fast is throw their hands up and yank on the reins. That can be really confusing to your horse. Try staying relaxed and keep your hands down by the horn of the saddle.
  3. Forgetting to breathe: Anxious riders tend to hold their breath. This can cause you to be stiff. Take some deep breaths and make sure your body isn’t tense. It can be helpful to smile!
  4. Moving too quickly: Consider the phrase, trying to run before you walk. Some riders are so eager to get started that they skip the basics. This can put you at a greater risk for falling and injuring yourself. Learn to embrace the process!
  5. Slouching your body: The opposite of a tense rider is one that is too relaxed. This can also cause problems! You might see the cowboys slouched in the movies, but that’s not an effective position for controlling your horse. Don’t forget to sit up tall and keep your head up!

Everyone gets better with time and practice. Be patience with yourself and try to avoid these rookie mistakes!