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Buying a new horse can be a lot of fun, but it also can be hard finding the right one. There are so many different options to consider when making this important purchase. Don’t find yourself in a bad situation by making these top 10 purchasing mistakes.

  1. Not getting a vet check– While it can be expensive upfront, around $100 to $300, it can also save you the headache and heartache of buying a horse with hidden health or soundness issues.
  2. Buying a green horse– Beginners may be attracted to the cheap price tag, but an inexperienced horse needs a knowledgeable home and rider.
  3. An auction horse– Those inexperienced should also stay clear of auctions. The idea of rescuing a horse sounds noble, but it’s hard to know why the horse is there to begin with and what kind of issues may be underlying.
  4. Impulse buying– Whether experienced or not, buying a horse the first time you see him can result in disaster. Allow yourself time to think things over and see the horse for at least a second visit.
  5. Sight unseen– Purchasing a horse without an in-person visit can be a big mistake. Pictures and even videos can be misleading.
  6. Not having your trainer evaluate the horse– If you have a trainer and plan to be competitive with your riding, it’s a good idea to have an experienced eye look over the horse.
  7. Buying just for color– A flashy color can really draw you in, but make sure the horse is more than just pretty. Evaluate him as an overall package.
  8. A free horse– The saying ‘there’s nothing free about a free horse’ usually holds true.
  9. Buying a foal– Parents like the idea of buying a foal so that it can be raised with their child. This is usually a big mistake. Two greens make black and blue. Find your child a slow and steady horse to learn on.
  10. Not considering an older horse– An older schoolmaster can be the perfect horse for riders to learn on. Don’t overlook a horse just because he’s a senior.

Keep these mistakes in mind when you make your purchase, so that you can avoid them!