Tacking Up

If you want to have a good ride, then you need to ensure you horse is comfortable in their tack. The process of tacking up can take time, but these minutes are well spent. Don’t rush through them! In fact, get into a habit of double checking yourself. You want to make sure you aren’t making these five mistakes.

1. Not grooming your horse efficiently: Take your time when grooming your horse. Pay particular attention to the girth and saddle areas. Mud that isn’t removed can cause discomfort when it rubs against the tack. Make sure to also pick out their hooves. You don’t want a rock to jab them the whole time.

2. Using a dirty saddle pad: Always use a clean saddle pad and lay it down flat and evenly. Dirt can rub and irritate your horse’s back.

3. Tightening the cinch quickly: Slowly increase how snug the cinch is, rather than yanking it tighter all at once. Furthermore, make sure your knot is lying flat.

4. Improper bit fit: Too tight or too loose can make things uncomfortable for your horse. They may fight the bit, throw their head up in the air, and even rear. Check out a few tutorials on how to properly fit a bit. And always double check it each ride!

5. No final check: Get into the habit of double checking your tack. As you finish up, go through one last time and be on the lookout for twists, broken pieces, and improperly fitted items.

Looking for a tutorial on how to properly tack up your horse? Head over to: How To Tack Up A Horse Western Style. This isn’t something you want to slack on!