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Photos courtesy of Instagram.
Mkenzee Renae brings a flare to her own sense of fashion that you simply won’t find in many places. The Native American beauty wears clothes that are a cross between throwback and fashion-forward. She’s not afraid to mix high fashion with cool and casual, and that’s something that can only be accomplished with the personality that she possesses. To know her is to laugh and smile…you will quickly understand how only she can pull off such bold looks! If I ever have the opportunity to show off someone wearing a pair of Rockies, I’m going to gladly take it and share it with the world! Simplicity is beautiful… …but so is chaos! Name someone that styled their baby bump better than this…I’ll wait! I do believe I found the luckiest man in the world! Okay back to her outfit: I love a lady that isn’t afraid of color. Mustard yellow can be a hard color to wear, but not when you’re gorgeous inside and out! Would you call this a throwback? Or fashion-forward? Either way, it’s working! Want more western fashion from a lady living her best life? Check out Cara Ashley here!