Make your humble abode something your horse would approve of. Check out what western wall art we’re currently coveting. This wall art will make you feel like you’re in your own western oasis, so much that you won’t want to leave home!

Cowgirl and Horse Copper Plated Western Wall Art

Your horse will feel honored to be hanging up on the wall next to you. This wall art represents a cowgirl who loves her horse and displays it in a modern way. It has a unique look as its completely copper plated by hand with a cold plating and then painted by hand. Available on Etsy, $45.

Abstract Deer Trophy

Looking for a wall art print with a pop of color and country touch? This framed art print by Daniela Butunoi will give you just what you’re looking for. Available at West Elm, $103.

Wild & Free Horse Wall Art

This is an abstract take on a graceful horse profile. This painted canvas is a great way to show off your western roots in a beautiful way. Available on Lone Star, $130. 

Black Iron Cow Skull Silhouette

A sleek touch on a western look, this iron cow skull silhouette would give a modern western approach to any living room, office or kitchen. Available at Hobby Lobby, $9.

Chevron Pony Art

This wall art piece would be a great touch to a nursery or children’s room. It has a playful look that your little cowgirl will love. Available at Rod’s, $60.