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If you’re looking for a cost-effective horse barn, then consider a prefabricated modular one. These barns work well for hobby horse farms and even larger boarding facilities. They come in all different sizes, designs and materials. Not to mention, they look stunning too! You’re just a few steps away from having your very own horse facility right in your backyard. Check out some of these options!

This barn is amazing! It has spacious stalls, a wide center aisle and even a feed/tack room. It’s perfect for horse owners!

Offer by: Carolina Storage Solutions

Another affordable option is a shedrow horse barn. This particular one has five roomy stalls!

Offered by: The Barn Yard

This modular is very practical! It has a hay loft, feed room, spacious stalls and an overhang.

Offered by: The Barn Yard

I love the beautiful finish on this option! You can paint or stain your barn nearly any color.

Offered by: The Barn Yard

You can even get a modular barn made from steel. Talk about durability!

Offered by: Titan Steel Structures

Can you imagine your horses living in one of these modular horse barns? They’re such a great idea- affordable and quick to set up!

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