Mollyfar by Bonnie Hobbs  (Five Star)

Mollyfar by Bonnie Hobbs is hard to put down.  Readers will find themselves turning pages as fast as they can to see what happens next. 

In rural Texas, 1886, young Wade Devlin’s bullying father pushes him down a back alley for his first visit to a “soiled dove.”  He encounters innocent Molly Faro, desperate and scared, but determined to survive, whatever it takes.  Wade, smitten and good-hearted, vows to save her from the life she’s about to enter.  She agrees to let him try. 

Heeshi, an aging harlot with an unusual arrangement of sexual parts, is on the run from a sadistic man with a perplexing grudge.  She crosses Molly’s path in Texas upon opening the Sunrise Saloon as a haven for whores.  Admiring Molly’s pluck, she offers the girl sanctuary.  Seven years later, Molly and Heeshi are successful business partners.  The saloon and the love between Molly and Wade are thriving.  But when Wade inherits the family ranch, he insists Molly marry him.  He has plans for the future and wants a home and family.  Change is the one thing Molly resists, as it’s rarely brought her happiness.  When she refuses Wade’s proposal, he believes he has no choice but to look elsewhere.

Then Heeshi’s stalker finds her.  A con man masquerading as a preacher, he sows fears and discord all over town while plotting harm to Heeshi and Molly.  Before long, unfolding events set Molly, Wade, his unhappy new bride, the so-called preacher, and his overlooked wife on a tragic path that nearly costs Wade his life and tests everyone’s strength, friendship and love. 

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Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times best-selling author who writes about women of the Old West.