Money Hacks

You can save a little extra money around the barn by getting creative. These hacks have proven to be effective ways to spend less and save more this season. If you’re strapped financially or want a little extra for a new saddle, then these ideas are worth checking out.

  1. Use baby wipes to clean a dusty horse or dirty tack
  2. Coconut oil is a great conditioner for manes and tails
  3. Old tube shoes with the feet cut out can make leg wraps for fly protection
  4. Vinegar is cheap and multi-functional. It can clean buckets and keep fly populations down.
  5. Use an old hay net to hold a fan
  6. Warm water and baking soda can help to lift stains
  7. Rub soap on wood fencing or stalls to keep your horse from chewing
  8. Keep some diapers around… they make great bandages and hoof wraps.
  9. Baling twine can be used as a sweat scraper when in a bind
  10. Use a pallet to create a broom, rake, and pitchfork holder
  11. Old clipper blades can be used to shorten a mane
  12. Pool skimmers are great for cleaning water troughs

Summer is a great time of year to try out some new barn hacks. Think of all the money you can save with a few practical changes. Now’s your chance to buy some new tack or enter a few shows with all the extra you have!

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