Montana Silversmiths' Dreamy Rose Feather Set...……

The Dreamy Rose Feather Set has a delicate, feminine beauty and pairs easy with adventure. ⁠Pale pink rose quartz stones are the center focus of this Montana Silversmiths‘ jewelry set, and dangling from these stones are delicate, silver toned feathers.

This set contains a necklace and matching earrings, and adds a hint of delicate, feminine beauty to any dress.

Embrace the pale blush in a rising sun.

These Montana Silversmiths‘ earrings are perfect for both a boho princess and the chic cowgirl.

This Montana Silversmiths‘ necklace has a unique shape to it, almost like a female bolo tie, and it is a perfect piece for the cowgirl who likes to keep herself polished with straightforward beauty.

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