Montana Silversmiths focuses on strong ties in their latest photo shoot. ……

Montana Silversmiths is about more than the creation of beautiful accessories, they are about enhancing and strengthening the ties between women. “Throughout our life, we are creating threads with acquaintances and whoever we meet,” said Judy Wagner, the company’s VP of Marketing. “That tapestry comes together and we become stronger.”

The company recently brought together several women to showcase jewelry and demonstrate the unique opportunities we have to build bonds with one another throughout our life. “Cowgirls are strong on their own, but sometimes it takes extra strength to ask somebody for help,” said Wagner. And with the help of a team of talented individuals, this beautiful photo shoot was brought to life.

Here is a sneak peek into the amazing images that illustrate the strength that comes from cowgirls who embrace the ties life brings them, adorned with lustrous Montana Silversmiths jewelry.

The participants were greeted with gifts from Montana Silversmiths to celebrate the strong ties theme.
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Strong ties were celebrated across all ages.

Hear more about what strong ties mean to Judy Wagner in our exclusive interview.