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The Warrior Collection. ……

Angela Zatopek and Taya Kyle first launched Warrior Collections on Memorial Day 2020 in memory of a well-known warrior, American Sniper, Chris Kyle. Chris was not only a warrior on the battlefield, but a warrior in life. His wife Taya learned about the necessity of having a warrior spirit in her life with Chris and following his murder. 

Angela Zatopek and Taya Kyle.

Now more than ever, Montana Silversmiths believes that the power and strength behind their business lies in the stories of these warriors and strives to create unique pieces that speak to their passion and spirit. Montana Silversmiths is proud to partner with Warrior Collections on this line of jewelry that is a symbol, a reminder of who you are, and what battle you fight.

The Warrior Collection is for anyone who has a warrior spirit on the traditional battlefield, or on the battlefield of life. The mission of this line is to awaken the warrior spirit in all people. “We aren’t just living a life, we are here on a mission to make a difference for God. Our life story is our mission lived out on earth.”

It’s time to awaken the warrior within you. Shop the Warrior Collection online at  A portion of the sales goes to the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation.