Montana Silversmiths, a proud partner with Paramount’s Yellowstone television series, has announced the addition of four new pieces to their Yellowstone Collection.

New this year are the “Y” Yellowstone Brand Earrings, the “Y” Yellowstone Brand Necklace, and two new Dutton Ranch Attitude Buckles. Inspired by the series and the significant meaning of ranch brands, Montana Silversmiths wanted to share the story of the iconic Dutton Ranch and their signature “Y” Brand.

The “Y” Yellowstone Brand Earrings, $70; The “Y” Yellowstone Brand Necklace, $60; The Dutton Ranch Attitude Belt Buckle, $50; The “Y” Yellowstone Star Attitude Belt Buckle, $50.

Montana Silversmiths shares the inspiration behind the new line:

“As we saw in the television show Yellowstone’s fourth season, the unwavering determination, and strength of each of the characters as they continue to navigate the changes in Montana. It doesn’t matter who your favorite character is, whether it is Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, John Dutton, or anyone else, for fans, each character holds a special place in our hearts.
We gain insight into the history of the Dutton family in the new Yellowstone spinoff 1883. In the television show 1883, we learn the origin of the Dutton family, their hazardous trek to Montana, and how they came to obtain the land that John Dutton is determined to protect. Each new insight into this story strengthens our bond to this family brand and what it means.”

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