Hope's Feather Cuff Bracelet, $80; Hope's Feather Wisp Necklace, $70.……

Montana Silversmiths’ recently released Hope’s Feather Collection features silver (of course) with bronze feathers and the handiwork you’ve come to expect from the company.

“The symbolism of hope, and the story courage, endurance, and strength is expressed by the feather, thanks to this organic icon of nature,” said Montana Silversmiths Vice President of Marketing Judy Wagner. “The feather, by its very nature symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom.”

Especially given the past few months, we all could use a little hope in our lives.

“The Hope Feather came from the inspiration that the strength of Hope, is its strength,” Judy continued. “We took this beautiful form and brought it to life in silver artistry created by our master artisans.

Hope’s Feather Hoop Earrings, $55; Hope’s Feather Wisp Necklace, $70.

“Montana Silversmiths  utilizes icons such as the feather, as we create capsule collections, condensed versions and groupings which is built around an underlying story, in this case the feather with trending fashion appeal enhancing the story of hope.

Hope’s Feather Expansion Watch, $170.

“There is a confidence that can be worn when hope is present. It can help make present situations, as we are living through today, more bearable, focusing on hope can also help improve our lives through envisioning a better future.”

Montana Silversmiths’ Hope Feather Collection is available now on their website.