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Capture the Beauty of Montana’s Wildflowers with This Montana Silversmiths Necklace!

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Capture the Beauty of Montana’s Wildflowers with This Montana Silversmiths Necklace! This stunning design from Montana Silversmiths features quality craftsmanship with the fragile and elegant look of Montana's wildflowers and the brilliance of Swarovski crystals.

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Montana Silversmiths Montana Treasures Collection Flowers Necklace with Swarovski Crystals.

Montana wildflowers offer some of the most fragile beautiful blooms yet they have an underlying sturdiness that allows them to grow and flourish. From the Montana Silversmiths Montana Treasures Collection this necklace takes the inspiring beauty of a Montana wildflower as the bold design for this flower necklace.
Five flowers all of different sizes, shapes and finished in a beautiful colors of silver, yellow gold and rose gold create this gorgeous tri-color necklace. The five flowers are strung together to form a small garland of flowers, three of the flowers are accented with clear Swarovski Crystals in their centers for added brilliance. Tiny striations along each flower petal add to the exquisite artistry of the piece. Necklace hangs at a matinee length 23 inches.
Exquisite artisanship combines with Swarovski Crystals to create this shining set of bright silver finished earrings. Two different flowers, the top one with five petals with a clear round Swarovski Crystal set in its button and the bottom flower with eight petals create this dangling earring. Earrings sway from hypoallergenic French hooks.
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