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The women of the PBR.……

“Cowgirls are strong on their own, but sometimes it takes extra strength to ask somebody else for help.” – Judy Wagner, Montana Silversmiths VP of Marketing and Communications

Montana Silversmiths recently brought together some powerful women for an inspirational photo shoot: the women of the PBR. Stock contractors, bull riders, family of stock contractors, and wives and girlfriends of riders have strong connections to each other, which is why Montana Silversmiths chose to feature them.

The women arrived ready for their close-ups. Each woman got one-on-one time with the camera, along with posing side by side for group shots. Montana Silversmiths jewelry shined on each of them as they laughed, chatted, and let their personalities shine.

At the event were Caitlin Brooks (girlfriend of Dakota Buttar), Sarah and Sadie Berger (wife and daughter of stock contractor Chad Berger), Fallon Wentz (stock contractor), Aymie Kolbalba (wife of Derek Kolbaba), and Najiah Knight (bull rider). These women may be different, but they’re all connected in the family that is the PBR. Being part of the same world, these women rely on each other for advice, comfort, and friendship.

Get a closer look at what happened on photo shoot day:

Judy Wagner has a personal connection to Montana Silversmiths’ Strong Ties Campaign. One of her most prized possessions is a jacket created for her by Tammy Pate which she wore to the PBR, and in telling her story, notes the importance of strong ties to one another.

What do you think of her jacket?

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