All #takeasecondlook photos by Clark Marten Photography.……

Montana Silversmiths’ #takeasecondlook campaign not only features stunning jewelry, but also features some of the gorgeous women who are prominent figures of the PBR. Take a look at three of the ladies featured and some of the jewelry from their collections.

“Kaitlyn, wife of Cooper Davis, a PBR bull rider, and mother of one adorable little boy, is a self-made businesswoman who has taken the fashion trends of the western lifestyle and made them her own. With a style she like to describe ‘like a disco ball, when it glitters and sparkles’ the energetic entrepreneur of Reign Lashes© has a style all her own and has chosen her personal Montana Silversmiths collection based on pieces that accentuate her own inspiring style.” – Montana Silversmiths

Nature’s Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, $84;

Lasting Impressions Mountain Glacier Turquoise Earrings, $78;

“Kate Harrison was born and raised in the western lifestyle in Southern California watching her dad team rope and started her career as a rodeo athlete at the young age of 7. She is behind the chutes and sideline broadcaster on the dirt for PBR. She brings her own genuine timeless style to the world of rodeo. She gets inspiration for her style from those closest to her and describes her style as ‘eclectic’, preferring necklaces and rings as accessories. Kate chose her collection based on the earthy and raw nature of the turquoise stones in her pieces.” – Montana Silversmiths

Isle of Anglesy Necklace/ Chevron Strength Necklace, $47;


River Lights Mountain Lake Necklace, $53;

“Born and raised in Brisbane, Australian Montana was a site administrator when she lived there full-time. She currently works as a social stylist as she travels with her husband, PBR bull rider, Troy Wilkinson. When she was young, Montana worked hard to save every penny so she could purchase her first horse, and enjoys riding and training cutting horses. Her styles vary greatly between every day and events. She chose her collection because of the larger size of the pieces that really make them stand out and that all the pieces coordinate.” – Montana Silversmiths

Two Tone Southwestern Beats Expansion Watch, $138;

Doubled Down Diamond Turquoise Earrings, $53;

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