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As your horse grows from a foal to adult, you’ll have to teach them various lessons. Many older horses also need refreshers, so they stay respectful. Most trainers agree that one of the best things you can teach your horse is giving to pressure. All horses can benefit from this skill!

How to Teach this Lesson

Teaching your younger or older horse to give to pressure doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be done with a few simple exercises. Give your horse time and be patient with them as they develop this new skill. Like any new lesson, it can be helpful to have an experienced trainer help you master it.

Exercise #1 – Apply steady pressure on the lead rope and hold it. Allow your horse to come forward toward you and release the pressure on their own.

Exercise #2 – Ask them to back. Apply backward pressure on the lead rope and hold firm. Once the horse backs, the pressure will be released. Be careful to not follow them with the pressure in the beginning. Stay still like a tree, so they can earn their release.

Exercise #3 – Apply downward pressure on the lead rope. When the horse drops their head, make sure the pressure releases.

Professional trainer, Ryan Rose shares more exercises you can try with your horse. Follow his helpful tutorial that includes various yields and face pressure.

Though these exercises may seem simple or even boring, you do not want to skip them! Your horse can really benefit from practicing them on a regular basis.