The process of mounting and dismounting can actually be dangerous. There’s room for error if you’re not careful. That’s why you should learn the correct way! Julie Goodnight shares some tips on how to safety get on and off.

Steps for Mounting

  1. Put the reins over your horse’s neck and grab onto them
  2. Stand near the horse’s shoulder
  3. Grab the stirrup with your right hand
  4. Put your left foot in the stirrup
  5. Pull yourself onto the horse by putting your weight over the center of the pommel
  6. Once in the center of your horse’s back, carefully swing your leg to the other side
  7. Sit gently into the saddle

Steps for Dismounting

  1. Take your right foot out of the stirrup
  2. Lean forward and swing that leg down to the other one
  3. When both legs are together, lean onto your hands and kick your other foot out of the stirrup
  4. Slide down on your right hip

If you can, use a mounting block to assist with mounting and dismounting.

Check out the video below for a visual guide:

In dangerous situations, consider: How To Do An Emergency Dismount!