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Mounted archery consists of a rider shooting arrows from horseback. It has a long history of being used for hunting, protection, and in war. In the United States, horse archery has seen a revival. Various organizations offer learning opportunities and competitions for those looking to dabble in this incredible sport!

How much experience do you need?

You don’t have to be an experienced rider or archer to participate. Beginners will need to take lessons to improve their horsemanship skills though. It’s important you shoot safely and correctly. Many people come into the sport already knowing how to ride, but have little to no experience with a bow. This is also fine!

What equipment is needed in mounted archery?

A bow, feather-fletched arrows, and a target. It’s that simple! Ideally, a true horse bow is used though.

PC: Rogue Mounted Archery

What skills can help you with archery?

Many skills can be developed outside the saddle first. In fact, it’s recommended to begin on the ground. You can practice speed loading and blind nocking. You’ll want to try front, back, and side shots from the walk and a jog. It can even be helpful to sit on a barrel and shoot.

How can you get involved?

Those interested in giving the discipline a chance can ‘Find a Club‘ via Horse Archery USA. There are groups all across the United States!

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Mounted archery is much more than just shooting arrows from horseback. It requires a personal relationship with your horse. Join in a fun sport that has a long history!

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