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Rusty Brown has been making jewelry since 1977. Over the last 42 years, Rusty has come across some of the strongest and most successful women in the horse world. Today Rusty Brown shines on Carrie Hirshberg, a champion mounted shooter, and an all-around cowgirl.

Rusty Brown makes jewelry to celebrate the hard work, passion, and dedication of equestrians. Carrie Hirshberg exudes all these qualities and more. The company is proud to shine a spotlight on such a talented cowgirl and horsewoman.

From Laveen Village, Arizona, Carrie Hirshberg, like so many equestrians, wears many hats. She is a mother, wife, horse trainer, riding instructor and professional cowboy mounted shooter. Hirshberg began riding at the age of seven. She started out riding both english and western pleasure with a wonderful trainer who used the Lynn Palm philosophy to teach a balanced seat for any disciple. Her parents instilled the hard work and disciple that she is known for today by having her, and her horse loving sister, work to help earn and pay for their riding hobby from a young age.

At 10, Hirshberg got her first horse, Petey, who was just six months old at the time. Her plan to make him into a western pleasure horse changed quite a bit when Petey made it clear his talents were in the jumper ring. It may not have been her plan, but it was a valuable lesson in horsemanship. She listened to her horse, eventually leading to a successful jumping career, with time spent in the Grand Prix jumper ring.

While Hirshberg enjoyed her time there, she found her way back to western tack, riding a 1D barrel horse for three years in college. But 10 years ago she found her true passion, cowboy mounted shooting. Hirshberg had just finished her masters and was working in the corporate world when she took her first shot of the back off a horse at a balloon. Since then she has loved every minute of the sport, especially the family atmosphere, sharing her passion with her husband, and their son.

Looking back on her childhood, Hirshberg admits that she was jealous of those who grew up on a ranch, surrounded by their horsey passion, but now she is grateful for her journey. It taught her hard work and dedication from a young age. And her time riding different disciplines allows her to be more creative and open minded in her approach as a rider, trainer and coach. She continues to bring her incredible work ethic and passion with her to the barn every day.

Her favorite quote is “Focus on the possibility of success, not the potential for failure.” It’s that positivity and passion that make Carrie Hirshberg such an incredible and talented rider and cowgirl.

Rusty Brown Jewelry is proud to have Carrie Hirshberg wear their designs. Says Erin Baayen, company owner, “Rusty Brown Jewelry is honored to shine on Carrie Hirshberg.”

Carrie in Rusty Brown Jewelry Mexican Spur Earrings, $156.

Carrie Hirshberg’s connection to the western lifestyle shows through in her Rusty Brown Jewelry. “Rusty Brown is more than fashion,” she says of the brand. “It’s a touch of our soul that we can express on the outside. I shine in Rusty Brown.”

Along with the popular Mexican Spur Earrings, shown on Carrie, Rusty Brown’s tack rings and necklaces make any cowgirl, including Carrie, shine in silver.

Western Bit Necklace, $285.
Open Chain Keg Necklace, $109.
Plain Shoe and Nail Ring, $104.

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