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Is it on your bucket list to try a new discipline? Perhaps, you’ve always been interested in Western Dressage. This exciting type of riding is starting to gain a lot of attention. It combines dressage movements and Western tack. Riders complete tests in various levels to receive scores. Beginner usually start with intro, basic, or level 1 tests.

Western Dressage Level 1

The Western Dressage Association of America updated their tests for 2022. There are four tests in level 1. Some of the required movements include:

  • Pivots
  • Free walk
  • 20, 15, & 10 meter circles
  • Transitions
  • Lengthening gaits
  • Change of lead through jog
  • Loops
  • Leg yields
  • Halts

Stacy Westfall demonstrates the movements in this video.

If these are a bit too complex for you and your horse, there are also intro and basic level tests. The movements in those are a bit more simple.

Western dressage is a fun discipline that tests the training of your horse. It requires good communication and patience. The community is growing with more people realizing how interesting it is.