mud lowery collabs cowgirl magazine
@mudlowery on Instagram. Photo by @shutterfreek on Instagram.……

Breaking news: Mud Lowery collabs with Pecox Tassel Earring Boutique! The result? Some gorgeous White Buffalo earrings!

“I have known the owner (Ariel) of the other company Pecox for several years,” said Shannon Lowery, owner of Mud Lowery. “She started her tassel company and I started silversmithing and just figured we should put the two together for a little collab!”

The collab will start with a small launch of three pairs of the White Buffalo earrings tonight at 7:00 PM CST, with more earrings to be released “in about two weeks,” according to Mud Lowery.

So, can we expect to see more Mud Lowery collabs?

“I want to start doing more collabs with people who inspire me,” says Shannon, “so I think I will continue the current ones … and continue to launch new ones! I also have a new and exciting collab launch coming soon in a couple of weeks that I think everyone will love!”

If you want these earrings, set your timer for 7:00 PM and go, go, go! The earrings will be available at