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Cowgirl - Horse Vacuums

That dreadful moment when you realize your horse is covered in mud, but you only have a few minutes to tack up. A horse vacuum can save you in this situation and many others! In the winter they help with dust and those wooly coats, in the spring they’re amazing when your horse is shedding, during the summer they blow them dry in minutes, and in fall they’re muds worse enemy.

Like clippers, horse vacuums should be introduced slowly and cautiously. Start by walking your horse up to the machine and running the nozzle and hose over their body with it off. It is best to have a friend hold your horse for this, rather than tying him. Eventually turn on the vacuum and gradually move to putting the nozzle on his body. This might not happen in one session, but your time and effort will be worth it in the end.

Some groomers like to curry their horse before they use the vacuum. This helps to loosen up the mud and bring the dust to the surface. The machine will easily suck up all the dirt.

Be careful when running the nozzle over sensitive areas like the belly and flank. On certain days the machine may create a lot of static, but a damp rag run over your horse’s body will help this.

The Vac n’Blo Pro and Electro-Groom Vacuum are popular choices. Long gone are the days where grooming a dusty, muddy horse takes half an hour plus.  A horse vacuum will save you time and effort, yet make your horse look like a million bucks.