mudroom cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of @savannahwild2 on Instagram.……

Savannah Wild redefines what a mudroom is with her mudroom makeover. There is a perfect mix between function and fashion! They started off by painting and reflooring the room, immediately giving a modern feel. It is perfect for any cowgirl!

The color palette of oranges, browns, and creams is beautifully Western. 

The couch is oh-so-helpful for taking your boots off. The chaps add wall decor when in reality, they probably needed to be hung there. She utilized a halter with a ribbon as another decor choice.

There is even enough room for her laundry to be done. You can peel off your dirty jeans and stick them in to be washed right away! No more excuses for trailing mud through the house. 

On her Instagram, Savannah jokes, “I know these pictures make it look like this room is super fancy, but it’s really not. Tonight I will pick up the rugs off the floor and move McCoy’s giant kennel back under the windows. I’ll hang my three million purses back on the hooks and loads of laundry will be on the floor. Because it’s the mudroom. The catchall of the house.” 

Although her mudroom looks gorgeous, that doesn’t mean it won’t be used! Be inspired by Savannah’s renovation! Revamp your mudroom without being afraid to use it for its true purpose.

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