Mule Tape
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Mule tape halters are constructed of durable yet soft materials. With their braided design, they look amazing on western horses! You can find these halters in a range of colors and styles. Some have beaded nosebands, while others mix and match the colors. This collection of mule tape halters can be found on Etsy. They’re handmade and one of a kind!

Pick your favorite one!

Beaded Mule Tape Halter Cheetah/Leopard Print, $130, 2HoofCreations
Mule Tape Halter 6-12 Strand Braids, $48, FabHorseWear
Ombré Dyed Halters (Blue and Purple), $40, Handmadeitemsbytessa
Cactus Sunset, $130, 2HoofCreations
Mule Tape Halter with Custom Beaded Noseband, $87.73, TwistedSistersEquine

That sunset beaded one would look mighty fine on my horse! Which is your favorite? There’s a color and design for every rider and horse.

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