Cowgirl - Mules

Get ready for some mules and donkeys! These lovable animals are often passed over by horse lovers. It’s time for them to hold your attention and capture your hearts. Take a look at this collection of pictures and you’ll be stricken with the donkey and mule bug.

First, let’s look at the differences between the two. Mules are created through the breeding of a female horse and male donkey. They inherited the big ears, but have many horse features in their conformation. Donkeys are much shorter in comparison. They can also reproduce, while mules are considered sterile.

Donkeys make great additions to the herd. They are excellent protectors and keep a lookout for unwanted guests. They’re generally easy going and don’t cause problems with the pecking order. This young one is a fuzzy bundle of cuteness!

Both make excellent pack animals. They will easily carry your camping equipment and other necessities around on the trail. They’ll also follow in line behind your horse.

People can ride mules! They’re excellent trail animals. Many popular travel locations like the Grand Canyon use them on tours around the area. However, they can also compete in jumping, dressage, western pleasure, and gaited classes.

These handy animals are also great around the farm. Mules, especially draft ones, are strong workers in the fields. Donkeys are capable of helping in the garden, as well.

Donkeys and mules are versatile animals that can be extremely helpful. Do you have any experience with them? Please share your stories!