Leah Marie Mason.……

Leah Marie Mason’s new video for “Miss Us Then”

Simplistic guitars bring us into days past in Leah Marie Mason’s new video. Mason relives the trials of an ex-love, ‘Thrill of the chase ’til the chase ain’t new.” She doesn’t have rose-colored glasses on and she doesn’t shy away from examining the problems of this past love.

Tanner Adell’s new single “Honky Tonk Heartbreak”

Tanner Adell’s new single is all about getting dressed up and going out on the town on the weekend. “Honky tonk, honky tonk heartbreak / Boys are out buyin’ drinks ’cause they got paid / Music too loud to remember your name / But we’re throwin’ all it down at the honky tonk heartbreak,” she sings. This vibrant new single is sure to grab your attention and get you in the dancing mood!

Erin Kinsey’s new single “Better On Me”

“Better On Me” is a different take on a breakup song. Instead of reminiscing on the good times or the immediate aftermath, this track focuses on the feelings of running into your ex two years after the relationship ended. “I left the box on my front porch/ two years of stuff and your favorite t-shirt/ Can’t say that I wasn’t surprised when I saw you out tonight/ Downtown Broadway lights.”

Lauren Duski’s new single “Loved Me That Way (stripped)”

“And I was livin’ like you’d live forever, and it took losin’ you to learn to love better,” Lauren Duski sings in the stripped down version of her single “Loved Me That Way”. The raw and emotional tune was written after the loss of her grandmother. It speaks to all the little things that may be overlooked, but end up being the most important. Each loss is a lesson, and it is important to love to the best of your ability everyday.

Brenna Bone’s new single “Break This Habit”

The tune is a heartbreaking song about not wanting to quit a relationship. She compares her love for a person to a drug, a habit that she can’t, but should, break. “I can get drunk downtown // Have a few drinks and still know when to stop // I can have a cigarette / and know the next morning I won’t wanna light one up // But I just can’t give up the days when we were us // ‘Cause every time I get a little bit of you, I need a little bit more to keep me sane”