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Stephanie Quayle’s new lyric video for “Light My Way”

“I didn’t know what a prophetic song this would become prior to recording it. Pivoting, changing directions…burning bridges out of survival through such a tough year. This song gives hope to letting go and letting the world unfold a bit. We have zero control over everything, except our minds to help us in ‘letting go of holding on and holding on to letting go.’ That’s a universal freedom, not only through this song but also in the lesson of giving the space for things to show up by loosening your hold,” Stephanie shared on social media.

Brenda Cay’s new single “This Ain’t That”

“This Ain’t That” by Brenda Cay takes listeners through another journey of present love that feels almost too good to be real. Starting with upbeat country energy, the song sets a happy and contagious romantic atmosphere for the story being portrayed. Moreover, catchy guitars are paired with the thoughtful, entertaining lyrics that fans have come to expect from Cay as she sings about how past relationships always went by fast and ended in nothing, but this one is different.

Shaylen’s new single “What If I Don’t”

“Being a Tennessee/Texas girl, country music has always been home for me,” shares Shaylen. “It’s always been my feel-good place and I decided that it’s time to focus on making art and writing songs that genuinely serve my true self. I simply want to be the most authentic version of myself and it’s so nice to just come home and lean into that freedom. It’s incredible that when you get on the path that’s meant for you, everything starts to fall into place emotionally, musically and spiritually. Being able to dive into the wonderful Nashville songwriting community, I’m finally able to tell my story in a way that I am proud of.”

Dallas Remington’s new single “White Trash Heart”

“White Trash Heart” is one of those songs that came from real life. Back in January, I went on a writing retreat with a bunch of my friends. While talking to all the girls before our morning songwriting session, I told them about a crazy weekend I had on the road a few months earlier and about a guy I ran into. I remember saying, “I don’t know why I was so attracted to him and why I can’t forget about that weekend.” The song as a whole is a fun, rockin’, autobiographical anthem that was born when I realized I needed to embrace that part of me and my Kentucky roots,” shared Dallas Remington.

Katelyn Clampett’s new release “Sorta Single”

This headstrong boot-stomping tune is “about a girl who’s in her power and refusing to settle for less than what she truly deserves; a girl who’s not afraid to walk away from something that isn’t what’s best for her,” shares Katelyn. “It feels like a sassy, badass single girl’s summer anthem.”