redwood tree
Image courtesy of Sharon Ochs/RCA Records, via ABC News Radio. ……

“Redwood Tree” is the third release from Cam’s long-awaited sophomore album, scheduled for release later this year.

Cam co-wrote the song inspired by the redwood tree she used to climb in the backyard of her childhood home in California.

“I spent so many afternoons up there as a kid looking out and dreaming about the future. It feels like I’ve lived five lifetimes since then—I’ve done more than I can even remember, but still part of me wishes I could’ve stayed put, and to have that time at home. But you can’t be in two places at once and you couldn’t have known then what you know now. It’s a song about time, and whatever way you spend it still feels like just a blink to a redwood tree,” said Cam.

Check out Cam’s new video for “Redwood Tree” below: