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Cassadee Pope will release her new album, Rise and Shine, August 7th. Ahead of its summer arrival, the country-pop singer gave fans a preview of what’s to come by releasing the tracks “Built This House” and “Let Me Go.”

Pope filmed a lyric video for the “Let Me Go,” as she is shown sitting alone on stairs and strumming her guitar.

“I wanted this lyric video to capture the true feeling of this song: longing for freedom. We decided to shoot it behind the staircase wires to give it that sense of entrapment, which the lyrics talk about,” Pope says. “It’s a very emotional song for me because it reminds me of a time in my life where I felt like I wasn’t accepted for who I am. I have a few songs on the album that are more reflective of where I’ve been rather than where I am in my life today, and this is definitely one of them.”

Watch the lyric video for “Let Me Go” below:

Rise and Shine Track Listing:
1. “Let Me Go” (Cassadee Pope, Tina Parol, Kevin Rudolph)
2. “Hoodie” (Cassadee Pope, Johan Fransson, Emily Weisband)
3. “California Dreaming” (Cassadee Pope, Alex Kline, Shane Stevens)
4. “Counting on the Weather” (Cassadee Pope, Bobby Huff, Blair Daly)
5. “Hangover” (Cassadee Pope, Butch Walker)
6. “Rise and Shine” (Cassadee Pope, Danny Orton, Matt Scannell)
7. “Sand Paper” (Cassadee Pope, Alex Kline, Shane Stevens)
8. “Built This House” (Cassadee Pope, Forest Glen Whitehead, Kelly Archer)